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Made in the USA

All candle sleeves are stained by hand, bulbs are individually dipped and each candle is individually assembled in the USA by local staff.


Check out our Lunar Showers! Vickie Jean is offering these in both Warm and Primitive colors in three designs: Moon Showers, Star Showers and Sun Showers bulbs for $2.50. Battery operated lights come in 6 or 7 height and includes your choice of cover for $15.00. Chargers are available for $3.00 and will charge the battery-operated light for 1000 hours. Lunar showers are also available as a cover for the battery-operated lights for $2.00.

01-0228 Moon Showers Bulb 01-0229 Moon Showers Cover
01-0228P Primitive Moon Showers Bulb 01-0229P Primitive Moon Showers Cover
01-0230 Star Showers Bulb 01-0231 Star Showers Cover
01-0230P Primitive Star Showers Bulb 01-0231P Primitive Star Showers Cover
01-0232 Sun Showers Bulb 01-0233 Sun Showers Cover
01-0232P Primitive Sun Showers Bulb 01-0233P Primitive Sun Showers Cover

Battery-operated lights, measured base to top of your choice of cover:
301-2542   7
301-2543   6
301-2544   Charger

New Creations!

Inner Glow Star Bulbs

Showers Bulbs


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