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Made in the USA

Candle sleeves are
stained by hand.

Bulbs are hand dipped.

Each order is individually assembled with care by
Creative Hands in Plover, WI.


Vickie Jean's Creations Dipped Bulb Swirl Process

A big part of the magic of Vickie Jean's Creations is our patented silicone dipping process. We took a simple process and through countless experiments with materials, colors and shapes we created a product which is attractive, flexible in its use and durable.

The challenge was to come up with a long-lasting, quality product that would adhere to a 6 or 3 watt light bulb, therefore we came up with the correct chemical formula which is proprietary to our company and leads the market with respect to appearance, quality and performance.

The dipped process was started with color in 1993. The swirl happens as a result of the proprietary blend of pigments and colors placed in the material. The "twisting" process makes the material adhere to the light bulb.

The clear silicone bulbs are dipped in and just straight out, with no twising necessary. The material doesn't pull off. Because of this and so many years of experimenting with the silicone dipped bulbs, the color and the swirl became Vickie Jean's trademark.

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